Natural mineral water "Petroglyph" non-carbonated 0.375 l (glass)

Petroglyph - natural Altai mineral water of a premium class with a unique place of origin. The water source is located in the Altai region, in the foothills of the Cherginsky ridge, in the vicinity of the village of Altayskoye. This place has significant groundwater resources, characterized by purity and optimal mineral composition for consumption.
Petroglyph is the only premium Altai water producer to produce water in this place. Water is extracted from a depth of 81 meters, from an artesian aquifer. The purity of Petroglyph water allows it to be bottled directly from the source. In addition, the natural mineral composition of water makes it suitable for daily use without restrictions.
Petroglyph water is supplied in convenient bottles of various formats, suitable for different life situations. The well-thought-out packaging design of Petroglyph makes the brand's products appropriate in any setting - from a family dinner to a business reception.

Volume: 0,375 L

Shelf life: 12 months

Bottle Material: Glass

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