Direct Credits to a Foreign Buyer

The credit to a buyer is applied in those cases where a foreign buyer has no opportunity to make payments at the expense of own funds or available credit resources as well as in case if the conditions for granting credit resources in the home country are less attractive to the borrower. This type of financing relieves the exporter from providing a long-term grace period under the contract.

It is very simple to receive a credit. The necessary terms include:
  • The Borrower is a foreign buyer or a customer of non-resource goods or services of a Russian company
  • The share of Russian components (cost of raw stuffs, materials, components, works and services produced in Russia) in the export contract total value is at least 30%.
We will provide you with the credit:
  • In the amount up to 100% of the export contract amount
  • In Russian rubles, US dollars, euros or the export contract currency
  • With the credit period of up to 10 years
Available Options on Credit Support:
  • Insurance contract entered into between EXIAR JSC and Eximbank of Russia JSC;
  • Guarantee from owners of the credited business and/or third parties;
  • Pledge of movable and immovable property of the borrower and/or third parties;
  • Pledge of shares/interest of the borrower or other participants in the transaction/project;
  • Guarantee where Eximbank of Russia JSC acts as the beneficiary including a sovereign guarantee covering the borrower's obligations to Eximbank of Russia JSC;
  • Pledge of property and other rights of the company and/or third parties;
  • Other types of credit support used with due regard to specific features of transactions.
The borrower can only use the funds for payment under the export contract entered into with you.

For your convenience, we have drawn up a table showing clearly the steps in obtaining a credit.
List of documents for preliminary analysis of the financial health of the borrower, foreign resident.
  • Request for preliminary crediting (financing) conditions;
  • Financial statements for the borrower/Group companies if the borrower is a member (under the IFRS form or copy of financial statements for the previous 5 reporting dates and the previous reporting period of the current financial year (if any)); audited and/or consolidated financial statements for the previous 2 financial years (if any);
  • Breakdown of the off-balance-sheet liabilities and credit portfolio with indication of the following information: creditor, credit type, financing purpose, limit amount and currency, provision date, repayment schedule, interest rate, indebtedness balance as of current date, credit support list;
  • Statement of accounts receivable and accounts payable (specify terms of repayment, presence/absence of overdue indebtedness);
  • A copy of the document confirming the borrower's state registration;
  • Business information on the borrower incl. indication of the following information: history of creation, geographical location, ownership structure, number of employees, company's main activities, position in the domestic and foreign markets, description of the Group structure;
  • A copy or a draft of the export contract which needs financing for the performance thereof.