Strategic outlook

International markets are highly volatile, and specific development of non-resource exports would reduce impact of this volatility on the development of the Russian economy. The major factor in the export growth will be involvement of new exporters in the foreign economic activities and improving their competitiveness.

Establishment of globally competitive non-resource export support system is one of the main challenges our country faces. And the Russian Export Center offers financial and non-financial support tools to Russian exporters.

The Russian Export Center offering financial and non-financial support tools to Russian exporters has to become a bearing structure for the national export support and development national system.
Developing the non-commodities exports sector is a strategic direction for the country, and is an important tool to endure in a crisis economy and build a strong and sustainable economy.
REC offers its services to all the exporters of non-commodities' products, goods and services with no industry restrictions. REC aims at providing the exporting companies with continuous support from the proposal and planning phase all the way to the successful completion of the export contract and implementation and beyond – including the e-commerce channels.
REC Mission Statement
REC is an active government institution that is committed to support and develop the non-commodities export sector.

Three system functions of REC:
  • The Unified Development Institution supports the non-commodities exports through a wide range of financial and non-financial support tools available to the exporters;
  • Designated Agent of the Russian Government develops the export environment through effective participation in provision of certain public services and accomplishment of tasks aimed at development of non-resource exports;
  • Executive center of the "International Cooperation and Export" priority program.

REC Strategic Goals:
The Center's envisions the following goals as its strategic development benchmark by 2019:
  • Expand the global offices' network to more than 65 countries
  • Ensure that more than 90 types of Russian products are recognized by foreign buyers
  • Expand the regional offices' network to more than 40 local offices
  • Develop and offer the portfolio of more than 110 non-financial support measures with at least 25% available online
  • Extend and expand the financial products' line-up in line with the global best practices
  • Bring at least 5 000 customer companies into the exports via e-commerce channels
  • Reach the milestone of at least 7 000 customer companies provided with export support services, and more than 10 000 received the training on the export basics
  • Reach the total value of the supported exports of USD 34 bln, totaling 20% of the total non-commodities export volume of the Russian Federation