• About REC
    Russian Export Center JSC (REC) is a State-owned development institute established by the Government to support the development of the non-commodity exports industry/sector.
  • Strategic outlook
    International markets are highly volatile, and specific development of non-resource exports would reduce impact of this volatility on the development of the Russian economy.
  • International Practices and Standards
    The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) offers an open platform for multilateral negotiations...
  • International Cooperation and Export
    In accordance with resolutions adopted at the meeting of the Presidential Council on Strategic Development and Priority Projects chaired by D.A. Medvedev...


We help to develop young architectural companies and teams that innovate cities planning
  • Exim Mitra
    Exim Bank of India, has launched a special portal «Exim Mitra» ( to assist Indian exporters from the MSME sector and to provide international buyers insights about Indian industry and service capabilities.
    Exim Mitra seeks to facilitate their connection with Indian suppliers and service providers by way of a special section on the portal to disseminate information on the products and services that may be sourced from India.
  • Search for Russian Goods (Works, Services) upon the Request of a Foreign Counterparty
    A foreign counterparty sends a request for the search for Russian goods (works, services).

    The search for potential Russian partners is done through a regional network of REC Group and regional partners.
  • Credit Insurance to a Buyer
    An insurance product designed to protect Russian or foreign banks from the non-repayment risk of the credit granted to a foreign borrower (the buyer or the buyer's bank) for payment under a contract for goods (services or works) exported from Russia.
  • Direct Credits to a Foreign Buyer
    The credit to a buyer is applied in those cases where a foreign buyer has no opportunity to make payments at the expense of own funds or available credit resources as well as in case if the conditions for granting credit resources in the home country are less attractive to the borrower.