REC Director speaks for new steps to develop non-resource non-energy export
Increasingly diversified export portfolio, measures and activities taken by the government and business community allow to bet that Russia will soon become a marked global exporter of non-resource non-energy commodities. The Russian Export Center (REC) team will do its best to make foreign markets more comfortable and appealing for local companies. This was declared by REC General Director Veronika Nikishina at the IV annual conference "Foreign Economic Activity: New Markets" held by Sberbank for export-import participants.
Nikishina said further export support system improvement, wider access to REC's services by regional exporters, mechanisms for the promotion of local companies abroad, reduction of the administrative burden, development of new directions for Russian non-resource non-energy export (NRE) to be among the most important REC's objectives.

The REC team will ultimately focus on customers' interests, considering Russian export growth and diversification among its primary goals. According to REC Director, the center denies any bureaucratical algorithms, focusing preliminary on easiness, promptness and convenience for exporters.

Summing up the results of 2019, Veronika Nikishina stated that Russian non-resource exports amounted to $154.5 billion, which was by 0,2% more than in record-breaking 2018. The volume of exports grew by 2,7% despite dropping prices for basic export goods. This means that exporters produced and delivered higher volumes of goods to foreign markets, although they earned less.

In 2019, every eighth dollar was earned by non-resource exporters thanks to support measures provided by Russian Export Center. REC-supported exports totaled $19.5 billion. Besides, it assisted more than 11 thousand exporters, 80% of which were SMEs.

REC Group (including EXIAR and ROSEXIMBANK) offers its customers specialized services and a comprehensive range of products aiming at financial and non-financial support at all stages of the export cycle. Most of the services are provided free of charge and involve foreign partners search, b2b arrangements, business missions, marketing abroad, analytical and research services, assistance with certification, patenting licensing, customs administration, and participation in foreign projects..

Veronika Nikishina has noted that REC actively develops a unified export promotion system. At the moment, REC's regional administrations and Export support centers are available in all regions. 17 Export support groups were created abroad in cooperation with VEB.RF and Russian trade representatives. Their number will exceed 50 during the next years.

Moreover, in 2019, the REC team implemented a number of sponsored programs for export support. The amount of financing allocated from the federal budget amounted to 33.4 billion rubles. In 2020, the same will be increased by 1.8 times and will make 50.8 billion rubles.

Veronika Nikishina has expressed confidence that the synergy created by the government, development institutions and business community will allow Russian NRE to rise to new heights.